Max’s Discography

Original Compositions

Pretending My Car Is A Boat (2011) – Concert Band. Premiered 3/19/2011, Symphonic Band of the Palm Beaches, Eissey Campus Theatre, Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

Music for a Mexican Restaurant (2007) – Acoustic and Electronic instruments. Music cues for student film:  Señor!!!. Film screened 5/2007, Stage West at the Duncan Theater, Palm Beach State College, Lake Worth, FL.

Lord Jesus Christ, Life Giving Bread (1992) – Brass Choir (4 Trumpets, 4 Trombones, 2 Tubas). Setting of chorale by Johann Rist (1607-67). Premiered 8/7/1993, St. Mark Catholic Community Church, Sterling Heights, MI.

Prelude, Theme, and Variations (1991) – Orchestra. Tongue-in-cheek ‘serious’ statement followed by humorous set of variations on ‘The Theme to the Beverly Hillbillies’. Reading by Indiana University Concert Orchestra, 1991.

Arrangements for Concert Band

Gabriel’s Oboe (2014) – Oboe solo with Chamber group accompaniment (Flute 1&2, Clarinet 1,2,3; Bass Clarinet; Bassoon; Horn 1,2,3,4)

From Ennio Morricone’s film score for The Mission. Premiered March 29, 2014.

Der Monstertanz (2006) – Vocal feature with Concert Band accompaniment.

Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett and Lenny Capizzi’s classic Monster Mash reimagined as a beer stein swinging Oktoberfest waltz. Premiered October 28, 2006.

OktoberWeen Medley (2006) – Encore for Concert Band.

Flying Purple People Eater, The Theme From the Munsters, and The Addams Family Theme crash into The Happy Wanderer, The Beer Barrel Polka, and The Clarinet Polka to create a high energy Oktoberfest / Halloween hybrid. Premiered October 28, 2006.

Original Songs and Arrangements on Compilations

Silly SongsKazoomzoom – kzz001

Performing as Pastor McPurvis

Track #12 – The Little Monkey Song

Released 07/01/2008

A baby monkey left at the park ponders his fate.
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partpalm.jpgParty In My Palm : A Tribute to Barnes & BarnesWood Records WD77

Performing as Pastor McPurvis

Track #5 – ‘Sewey Hole’

Released 02/14/2007

An Optigan, MicroKorg, ‘Maxaphone’, Sung take on Art and Artie’s sadsack tune.

why o why


Auld Lang Syne - Comfort Stand Recordings CSR071.
Performing as ‘Scotch & Soda featuring Pastor McPurvis’

Track #1 – ‘Auld Lang Syne’

Released 12/31/2005

Vinyl samples and Vocorder singing to ring in the New Year.

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why o why


Comfort Cake
Comfort Stand Recordings
CSR048. Performing as ‘Scotch & Soda’

Track #1 – ‘Happy Birthday Comfort Stand’

Released 10/31/2004

Tuba, Optigan, and alien voices bring birthday greetings.

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oddio.jpgOddio Overplay Celebration

Performing as Pastor McPurvis.

Track #12 – ‘The Oddio Overplay March’

Released 08/14/2004

Digitally altered, multi-tracked tuba meets traditional march form.

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zomies.jpgTwo Zombies Later- Comfort Stand Recordings CSR001.

Performing as ‘Scotch & Soda’

Disc One, Track 7 – ‘The Lonely Bull’

Released 11/01/2003

Imaginary lounge duo of Tuba and Optigan entertains traveling salesmen.
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Releases Produced

murder.jpgPotrzebowski, McMillan and Company – Murder That Was HeardComfort Stand Recordings CSR038

Released 07/07/2004

Five imaginative children improvise a radio murder mystery with entertaining results.

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